Designing Legal Solutions

The attorneys of Klatt Law have decades of experience crafting cutting edge legal solutions for a diverse mix of clients ranging from large international institutions to underprivileged individuals. Whether your issue is litigating a high dollar personal injury suit, arguing an appeal, designing a workflow to liquidate a high volume of foreclosures, ensuring your bank’s mortgage is preserved in bankruptcy, initiating proceedings to collect child support, or anything else in between, Klatt Law is committed to doing whatever it takes to assist you in getting the results you want.

State of the Art Workspace

In November of last year, Klatt Law's Default Services Division (DSD) moved into a new headquarters. The state-of-the-art default services headquarters contains over 12,000 square feet and is being solely used for activities of the DSD. The new headquarters makes Klatt Law the only law office in the State of Iowa with a facility dedicated solely to your default servicing needs. This facility contains space for a number of new workstations which allows the DSD to scale to whatever size your business needs. The DSD Headquarters also has a modern security system with electronically controlled entry and video surveillance so that you can have the piece of mind knowing that your loan documents are held in a safe place. Moreover, the new headquarters contains a large classroom with modern presentation equipment that allows the Klatt Law DSD to hold useful educational seminars and training sessions for servicers and employees alike. The DSD is very excited about this latest move to a dedicated facility and we know that it will result in the DSD doing a great job with all your default servicing needs!

Your Heartland Default Services Provider

Klatt Law's Default Services Department (DSD) is built around you. Attorney Brian G. Sayer has chaired the DSD since its inception nearly a decade ago. Our DSD understands that there are at least a handful of law firms that could liquidate your troubled loans in each jurisdiction in which we practice. Some of our competitors are large and well known law firms known for the endless supply of resources and talent at their disposal, while others have only a handful of attorneys who, while having less in terms of monetary and personal capital, are able to give more meticulous attention to each and every one of their client's loans. Klatt Law's DSD is different. The attorneys, specialists, and staff of the DSD understand that you have a choice of which firm you choose to liquidate your loans. We firmly believe that our large firm-like human capital, high volume liquidation capacity, and other resources combined with our small firm values and meticulous attention to each one of your files, allows us to tailor a blueprint to fit whatever cradle-to-grave default needs you have. Click here for more information on our default services department.